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Taken Hostage ... This two-part series (rather two-part movie written by Robert Stone) parallels well with my novel Unrest. I just finished watching part one of the series and it certainly brought me back. For those of you who aren't familiar with my history or my novel, my father served in the U.S. Air Force when we lived in Tehran in 1978. Years later, I decided to write a novel loosely based on my experiences there. My father never gave me any information while I was writing my novel: I relied on my memories, my french diary, news reports, and de-classified interviews to help me remember the foggy details of the lead up to the Iranian revolution that I lived through. The PBS series is a must for anyone interested in learning about, or reliving, the events of that time and the reasons they occurred in the first place. Or, anyone can read my novel, Unrest, for the same history, but based on a fictional young American girl's perspective, though largely accurate on the events of the time, thanks to the author who happened to live there.


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