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Harry Styles

I'm a woman who might have a little crush on Harry Styles! Well, maybe I would just a little if I were younger and weren't married. :) Maybe it's just a mom crush? I love his voice (singing but also his talking voice). I like how he dances around on stage with his head up, eyes closed, lips pursed (or bitten), arms waving, in what appears to be utmost happiness. My 24-year-old son, Connor, dances like that. Does he copy Harry? It is so identical. I tell my son, Connor, he looks a bit like Harry Styles and he feels blessed. What a compliment, he says back. But of course Harry Styles is not my son ... :) Here's Harry dancing (Connor are you copying?!!!)

I did read recently one comment at the bottom of one of his Youtube videos. A 61-year-old woman wrote that she had a crush on Harry Styles (and was feeling really weird about it), and I guess I could relate. He's incredibly talented, besides singing he's in the movies. A writer at Roger Ebert reviewed his My Policeman movie and was reasonably impressed by his performance as originally a non-actor, but talked about his monotone voice. In my opinion, it's not monotone, it's beautiful. His voice sounds Birmingham/Northern England. My 27-year-old son loved his movie, Don't Worry Darling. I liked it too. HIs infamous Olivia Wilde relationship made me sad when it ended. And of course their was he end of the relationship with Taylor Swift. But we have her song(s) about him (she's the singer in the dancing video above).

It was cute the way Harry described to Simon Cowell when he was just 16, the bakery (ba-ker-ry) where he'd been employed, where he "served" cakes. He described a little round loaf with a cross on top. He liked donuts, "Donuts are good." His voice (and likely his personality) seems to be his greatest appeal. Watermelon Sugar (High!). HIs description of his town as quite "picturesque", in his British accent, loved that also.

When I hear his music, it stays stuck in my head for hours so that when I take a walk, as I do every day, his songs play in my head. A recent phenomenon. I used to count when I walked! I'm not much of a fan of his feminine wardrobes (feathers and sequins). I'm not a fan of tattoos. I prefer unmarked skin. I like the more masculine suits, clean shaven visages. More importantly, I do love his voice, his songs. His facial expressions. The way he purses and bites his lips. I like his mother!! All amazing. Sometimes I miss the t-shirts and jeans he used to wear with One Direction, not to mention the mop of tossled hair and less polish. But still that big great voice. I do miss the innocence, but hey he's 29!!!!

One Direction:

His solo career is so off the charts great and sophisticated. I love so many songs: Fine Line. Mathilda. Others. I'll play a few for you below.

Happy 4th of July Americans!!! Enjoy some watermelon with your fireworks! Here are some of my favorite Harry Style songs:

I hope he doesn't mind me publishing his music.

This is my favorite song and video: that white tailored roomy shirt while he runs and sings!!!!!

And finally, this song of his is very depressing, but I love it:

"Coffee's out at the Beachwood Cafe! I'm falling again, but what if I'm down and I'm out?" All too prevalent questions.

I'd love to hang out with him for maybe 5 minutes? With Connor. Maybe, even Ian (my older son) if he's be interested (their almost the same age). I'd ask Harry if fame and fortune has changed him and if he likes it? I'd ask him about his life. However, most times I think, would any celebrity have anything to do with me? I might say all these positive things about a person, but then they'd refuse to interact with me. Just as Sam Waterston did at Au Bon Pain in Avon, Connecticut. No one seems to like a gushing fan. Anyway, it's fun to imagine. [I reread this later and this part sounds depressing. I do remember a wonderful interaction with Martina Navratilova. My husband worked at the Phoenix in Hartford in marketing and he was working at a tennis event. At that time in our marriage I used to bring our young sons to his events. One time in New Haven my young son, Ian started talking loudly during the Pilot Penn and I had to remove him. One time, behind the scenes, maybe in New Haven, I was holding Ian (blond hair, button nose, and bright blue round eyes streaming tears after a very long day) and Martina Navratilova walked by. She touched Ian's face, and said something to the effect of oh, don't cry sweet child. It was amazing. I think I also met Steffi Graf at the same event, before she married Andre Aggasi. So I digress .... ]. I love his band! Such beautiful back up.

How does any of this relate to my novel, Unrest? Well it really doesn't, however, I used to live in England, near Oxford, at RAF Upper Heyford. Annie's father in the book was stationed there after being evacuated from Iran, after the revolution. And I have a son that dances like Harry Styles!!

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