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Pleasing, and New Movies I've Watched and Liked

I have put reading aside a bit and have watched some movies at home that I've liked, instead. Julia Louis Dreyfus's You Hurt My Feelings was one. I loved it! About difficulties in career and marriage and also kindness and success in each. I also watched Past Lives, a tear jerker I highly recommend, set in Korea and NYC. About young love growing up. I also watched a movie based on a book I'd read maybe two years ago, only realizing that I'd read it part way through the movie (with Julia Roberts and one of my favorites, Ethan Hawke), called Leave the World Behind. It was very good. An Air-BNB gone wrong, weird things happening ... signaling possibly, what? The end of the world?!

Happy holidays, everyone! I bought my sons Harry Styles new fragrance, Rivulets for a stocking stuffer. I hope they like it. It's very expensive for a stocking stuffer!!! It's difficult when your sons are older; I just try to be creative about their gifts, but who knows what they'll really like! I hope the fragrance is like Harry's music!


My youngest son is a fan of his, as am I. My older son may be also, I haven't really asked. They'll like the fun of getting a unique gift, I'm sure. A fragrance meant for anyone (man or woman). I chose Rivulets for its more manly description (more cologne-like , as the reviewers said). The website says it's a heady woody amber fragrance [that} features a floral, fresh amber scent described as "a delightful encounter with a stranger."

Hmmm. :)

This is posted after Christmas, and the gift was very well received. My older son went out to the Winsor House with the fragrance on his shoulder tips so as it to be very subtle and he seemed very "pleased" with the fragrance, as did his girlfriend. My younger son headed off to Connecticut to see his girlfriend after Christmas with a pretty stiff spray of the fragance on his body, saying "Mom, I put Harry Styles on" before he left. They were excited about my unique gift. :).


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