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Upper Heyford England and fields of yellow\I love this picture

When I was 16, I lived at an RAF base called Upper Heyford, in England. My dad was an Air Force lieutenant colonel there (it's in my book, Unrest). Just recently, my Facebook group that is affiliated with the school there that I had graduated from was discussing the base (it closed and is being considered for housing). One of the posts was from a person who lived across from my own house there on Soden Road. How fun to read it, although he had said my house had been vacant for years--that same stucco house that had come with a tabby cat who would stay with the house despite the change of occupants; the same house that was surrounded by lush hedges that allowed it privacy despite it being a duplex. We lived near the base tennis courts and the Officers Club. The photograph above was from someone posting on the Facebook site who was in country, traveling to Upper Heyford--that same traveler who was enamored by these fields of yellow. Such excitement on his daughter's face! After this post there was some discussion about these fields of yellow and Upper Heyford. I also remember as a young girl running alongside country roads outside the base and expansive fields of this sunshiny beauty. Up close the blooms look different.

I love this photograph. The young girl's zeal in her yellow T-shirt.

This flower has an unfortunate name. Some people think it is mustard, but it is called rape. We will overlook the unfortunate name for the happiness it creates to those who behold it.

link to amazonUK.

The following are images of Upper Heyford (there is one shot of Lower Heyford) from Google 2019. Most views are along Camp Road, but there is a screenshot of my running route in the countryside, and my house with the tabby cat, the Officers Club and tennis courts. Some things seldom change!

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