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Patriots Win! Because of Us.

The Patriots did it! They came back against all odds! And I know why ... It's because a co-worker on Friday wore his Brady #12 Patriot's Jersey like he had all the other Fridays before the Patriots won a Super Bowl. It's because my 17-year-old son banished us (his parents) at half-time from our 54-inch TV in our finished basement because we were unlucky; when we heard him cheer, then cheer, and cheer again, my husband could only run downstairs to the kitchen and watch the game on our countertop TV; going downstairs to the basement would have been "bad luck". When my 17-year-old son was younger, he and his older brother would position the remote control just so, on the arm of our mildewed chair (like Robert DeNiro had done in Silver Lining's Playbook), so that the Patriots might win.

Last night my older son at UNH was also beset with superstitious worry. He was afraid to leave his seat because it could have been "bad luck." He thought that if he sat just so, maybe the Patriots might win, like they had before, when he had sat that very same way.

And I went to bed early, like I had all the other times they had won. But still awake, lying in bed I listened to the sound of my son's cheers or the quiet in between, trying to gauge the progress of the game. I couldn't turn the bedroom TV on, because I was superstitious.

Well we did it; we made the impossible happen! Because of the lone 17-year-old in the basement, the dad in the kitchen, and the mom pretend sleeping one floor above, the Patriots won!! Rather--

the Patriots did it! They didn't disappoint. They made a night full of stress and superstition worth it. And this Monday after, a day to bask in the glory of it all. And the joy. A collective, whew!!!!!!!!!! Because how sad would it have been not to have had the chance to experience THIS!!!

Great job, Patriots! What a game, what a team. Thank you for winning and giving it your all. For us!

Have a great rolling rally tomorrow.

Now will someone be rerunning the game so my husband and I can watch it?!! Love those New England Patriots!!

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