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Hungry Heart by Jennifer Weiner

I just received Jennifer Weiner's Hungry Heart in the mail. I'm sure you've heard of her: she's a best selling novelist, but this time it's a memoir about her life in a collection of stories.

Page 1: "I was wearing my favorite jeans, which are dark-rinsed, straight-legged, stretchy and forgiving, and the Eileen Fisher cashmere sweater [I need some cashmere] that I'd snagged for 70 percent off at the cash-only sale. With my UGG boots on my feet and my purse, with its furry purse-charm, slung over my shoulder, I strode confidently down Lombard Street, feeling like I was on top of things, like this was a day when I had it all figured out.

And then I fell. ..."

So glad for a weekend, a good cup of coffee and a new read. I've read most of her books and love her funny, self-deprecating style. Ahhhh! I'll let you know how I like it.

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