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Thanksgiving tomorrow

We are being hosted for Thanksgiving tomorrow, which is unusual for us. In years past, what would I be doing right now? I'd be brining a 22-pound Bongi-bought fresh turkey in tons of salt --feeling less guilty when I'd think that my sister was deep-frying hers. I'd be making a cinnamon-apple pie while covering the kitchen in flour. I'd be laying a beautiful table with Pottery Barn ceramic pumpkins and a ceramic centerpiece turkey, a cranberry-colored bowl for what else, cranberries? In the morning, I'd wake up early to prepare the pasty-white turkey (sometimes forgetting about the plastic-wrapped giblets inside before I slid it in the oven). Usually, I'd chop stalks of celery and Vidalia onions while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Sometimes, if it were late enough, I'd prep with a glass of wine. Oh, and I'd also be cleaning. Yes, I'd be doing lots of that. I'm thankful to be joining my brother-in-law and his girlfriend tomorrow for a Thanksgiving feast with my husband and sons and seeing their new house! Although, I'm feeling nostalgic about the lack of "Thanksgiving Prep." Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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