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Cindy Joseph's Boom

I am posting this video as inspiration to any 50+ year old woman who is feeling less confident about herself as she grows older. I have been fascinated by this woman who became a model at or near the age of 50, with her mane of gray hair and her supermodel bone structure. Hers is an inspirational story; in fact I was researching makeup for a woman older than 50 and came across Boom; I have wondered about it. So last night, I googled her products. I found these inspirational videos. The polished Cindy in one video and the unpolished, but still beautiful and humble Cindy in the other. Sadly, I discovered that she'd died of cancer after these videos were published (one viewer had posted the comment RIP). I was devastated. I ordered Boom in her honor. I hope I glow -- like she did, inside and out!! If you can get into the video below, it is her more natural self, speaking of her hair extensions. :) In Unrest, Annie shows her older self and contemplates regrets.

What a gorgeous, wonderful woman.

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