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Septembers of Shiraz

I am in the middle of watching Septembers of Shiraz on Comcast, based on a book I loved tremendously, also about the Iranian Revolution, like my novel Unrest. They have Adrien Brody playing an Iranian man (and sharing that same strong profile) and Salma Hayek playing his wife (similar luminous eyes as most Iranian women).

Who would I want to play my characters in a movie version of Unrest? Hmm. I love Tom Hanks as an actor. It was just his 60th birthday. Who could he play? There is no character 60 years of age in my story--maybe Mr. Jamison, the hybrid rose cultivator? But the part would be too small for an actor of Tom Hank's calibre. Perhaps actual Iranian actors could play Moshdeh, Ali, Amir, Reza, and Nouri?

I'm laughing. It's fun to dream about a movie contract. Who would you suggest?

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