The Royals

[An update to this post on April 9, 2021: Prince Philip has died; how terribly sad; I can't help but think that the timing of the Meg and Harry interview was unfortunate due to his sickness, although I think it was filmed before; I am so sad that there is a rift in the family. He led a long life, but it is bittersweet when people pass and you don't have them around any longer, (like my Mom) ... ] but you do have wonderful memories.

This from March 2021:

When you get married, you usually go into it with the wide-eyed hope that your husband or wife will treat you as you are deserved.

I'm thinking that the press needs to leave Harry alone. His own family should and I think the queen is trying to do that. Keep it private. The treatment of Diana with Charles's mistress in the wings was almost unbearable to me no matter how much Charles loved (loves) Camilla. How awful it must have been for Diana. It is such a sad story. It is not easy to deal with the death of a mother, but the stories about the dad, even I can't bear them, not to mention a son that has to hear them. Don't forget about that when criticizing Harry. I had a crush on Charles when I was 18, living in England as an American. But it faded fast with his, "Whatever in love means." Right ... he was in love with Camilla. I think we should leave judgment well enough alone (although I'm judging Charles! :)). Hasn't Charles given everything to Camilla? Maybe he would have also given up his duties (or stepped back) if she had asked him to, if she had never come 'round' to him, as the British might say. I think we should give Harry the right to live life the way he chooses.

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