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Gummy Bears and Love Washed Down with Diet Coke

Yesterday, my husband, Greg brought me home a pastel blue, tissue-stuffed gift bag from "sugarfina" in Boston from which I uncovered a plastic container of gummy bears, sprinkled in sugar, peach-colored and peach-flavored. Sweet of him, I think, because a long time ago when we first met, I mentioned to him that I loved them when I'd lived in Germany. Back in college, when we were both 20, he went to the local mall and bought me a pink paper bag full of colorful Haribo gummy bears from the candy store in the middle of the wide, inefficient aisle (where if malls were not being repurposed today, you might buy Pro Active or I-phone cases or dog calendars in mall kiosks). I was instantly impressed. He remembered how I had described how my sister and I ate gummy bears in Germany and washed them down with diet Coke. Now there are gummy bears at CVS. And my two sons love them and I buy them for them. But wasn't that so sweet of my husband then, and now? Okay, now I'm looking around for some diet Coke!!! Annie Patterson and her sister Debbie were gummy bear fans in my novel, Unrest, and their brother Frankie was eating them during a most pivotal scene!

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