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Batman Never Dies

When I was young, I had a crush on Adam West. I loved the shape of his mouth in the space that formed the cut out of his famed shiny black bat mask. I thought he seemed strong. Now looking at clips of the TV show n the news, I think, wow, he wasn't the virile man I'd thought he was back then; he was a little bit soft in the bat suit compared to all of the recent batmen in those darker movies. In his TV role, there were "Pow" exclamations in cloud-shaped comments, like in the comics. There was a creepy Penguin and a scar-faced joker; there was a seductive bat girl and a prowling cat woman. I'm sad that my super hero with an unusual sense of humor is gone--as well as a piece of my childhood. Batman at 4-o'clock with a bag of Fritos and Hi-C! RIP, Adam West!

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