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Jennifer Klinec's The Temporary Bride

I loved her memoir, The Temporary Bride; finished it last weekend (marathon reading), but haven't had a chance to write until now. The love story was so touching to me; so sweet; I loved how the author was so eager to embrace her Iranian boyfriend Vahid and his culture once she started loving him. He was a personality I remember from Iran (intelligent, but naive, funny and hopeful, very loyal; a host -- hospitable but with strong opinions about how things should go, a strong mother figure); I was a blonde in Iran once, too. :) How courageous she was to embrace all that was different from her home, Canada, the unusual foods of Iran that were the purpose of her visit there (sheep brain and tongue, eyeballs, etc).; the preparation of it, the procurement of it (:) the description of the "slaughter house". It was suspenseful in parts due to their desire to be public about their love in an Islamic Republic, thus their decision for her to be the "Temporary Bride." I loved it. Ms. Klinec is a strong personality and a wonderful writer.

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