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One of my favorite actors - Jeff Bridges

I love being alive man!!

I love Jeff Bridges as an actor. He has held a special place in my heart over the years.... That crooked mouth like he's been chewing tobacco no matter if he's playing a shirtless lover with some Rachel woman (I don't pay attention to that woman since I was always jealous of her) or a country kind of guy who strums a guitar as he ages, or a jagged edge riding a stallion and teasing Glenn Close. He's a family man it's always been reported, a father, a husband and a guy with a website with wonderful drawings--just nice stuff! We've grown up together! He's like the guy you'd fall in love with when you are young and you'd stay in love with as you and he grow old. Like my husband and I, my husband who accepts and understands my crush on Jeff Bridges, he almost had [has] one, too!! :)

Anyway, Jeff has great advice for all of us ...... Up your antibodies.

He makes me cry in this commercial. I sit there and sob when it comes on. Because my mom died of Covid when she was also being ravaged by Alzheimer's and in a nursing home in June of 2020.

Up your antibodies before Covid comes knocking! There's something you can do now!!!

Jeff is evermost real as an actor and evermost real as a person. I am so happy he survived both Cancer with the big C and Covid-19 which is also a big C. I love him, and to steal a line from Peter Frampton, baby I love his way.

See the commercial below. I also posted a song that Jeff sang in Crazy Heart; it's not by him because that is not distributed far and wide, but it is by another great singer.

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