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No evil.

Let's set a civil tone in life. Let's be good. Let's be kind. Let's show our children that we are good. That we are nice. That we don't argue with or threaten or disrespect our reporters. Let's be Obama-like; or Bush-like. Think of George Bush's strength and leadership after 911. I needed his strength then, I was scared. He was awesome. Comforting. Think of Obama's guidance after Sandy Hook -- how he addressed us from the White House. We need protection given to us from our leaders. We need to feel that they will give us guidance and be role models to our children. We need to stop this new normal of being hateful. I am in love with the old-fashioned essence of being a gentleman, being kind, having intellect and raising an umbrella over your wife in the rain. I am a romantic. I believe in love.

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