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I want to take my family to Europe

My youngest son is graduating from high school. He has this travel bug lately and has been talking about it. He knows I'm trying to plan something special for his high school graduation. I've been on AirBnB and doing exhaustive research (like appraisal research or writing historical fiction). I let on what I was doing. In fact, I just now heard Connor ask his Dad, "You want to watch Rick Steves and get pumped?" Connor has friends who have traveled overseas, but Connor hasn't yet been as lucky. When I was his age, I had been to Greece, Iran, Germany, France, and England. I want the same opportunity for him, and his older brother. I want my husband to experience European travel, too.

I researched plane flights for a possible graduation present. I put in 4 people, Rome as the destination, and the plane flight total was just $1,300. Really? For 4 people? It seemed too good to be true. I continued on, searching for the perfect AirBnB in both Rome and Florence: in Rome, near the Vatican, in Florence with a view of colorful flower boxes and red-tiled roofs.

But then, I read the fine print--the plane flight cost was per person. No. This meant it was too expensive for us, a family of 4, to go. No way. I was so disappointed. I knew Connor would be too.

Now, we are researching off season prices. I can't wait to have my family experience the joys I felt traveling outside the United States, and see them do it. I guess, it's back to the drawing board.


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